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h0tterthanyou's Journal

Hotter Than You
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Welcome to Hotter Than You v1.0.

So you think you're "all that"? We'll be the judge.

This community is dedicated to bringing together only the most FLAWLESS individuals this planet has to offer. If you have to ask "do I belong on this community?", then you don't. If you are thinking "Damn right I should be in here, recognize", then welcome. You are about to become a member of the uber-elite. In this community you are free to be as snide, bitchy, stuck up, and snobby as you can possibly manage, because if you're a member, then you deserve to be. So, stop staring at yourself in the mirror for just a moment, and let everyone else know how perfect you are, and how perfect they aren't.

DISCLAIMER: I've had a lot of people neglecting to notice that RATING IS NOT ALLOWED UNLESS YOU HAVE BEEN APPROVED. Please don't fail to remember this, as I've had to ban several people already and don't want to have to continue. Judge not, 'less ye be judged.

The Basics:

The same rules apply here as they do to any "hot or not" type community. As soon as you join, you MUST post pictures. You'll then be judged, both by the members, and the moderators, and accepted or rejected. However, in Hotter Than You, there's a few differences to the rating proccess. First off, ratings are done on a 1-10 scale, and then averaged out. Anything below a 7.5 gets banned, unless vetoed by the moderators... Which brings us to the other difference. Whether someone is accepted or rejected is decided by the moderators, and ONLY the moderators. We encourage all members to vote, but remember, when you vote, you're not in a democracy. You votes will influence our judgement, but we get the final say. We want your votes to convince us one way or the other, so be descriptive. Offer criticism, constructive or not, but use your imagination.

As for the pics you post, body shots are accepted, but don't post ONLY body shots. There must be at least one clear shot of your face, or you'll be banned. Nudes are acceptable, but not encouraged, and must be tasteful. No one wants to see your bits waving in the breeze. Links are also not encouraged, and if it takes us more than 20 seconds for your page to load due to annoying anigifs and the like, or spews a bunch of pop-ups, then that's an automatic rejection. Try to stick to embedded images only. Both guys and girls are free to post, by the way. We're all about equal-opportunity discrimination.

Once you post, voting will begin. You're free to respond to the comments made about your own post, but do not comment on anyone else's pics until you've been approved. Voters, you can feel free to tear these people to shreds, but they're free to come right back at you, as long as they don't get rejected. If someone says something you don't like about your pic, well, then, defend yourself. If you know you're hot, make them recognize it, and maybe we as moderators will recognize it too.

If you're deemed hot, you're free to begin voting on other postings. If you're deemed not, you will be immediately banned. Once you've been deemed hot, well, let the flame wars begin. We, as a pack of conceited, superficial, snotty little bitches, know quite well what happens when egos clash, and we say "BRING IT ON!" To those of us who are in the top 0.00001% of humanity, a raging bitch-fest is one of the most amusing things on Earth, and what better way to hone your mind than with a battle of wits? All we ask is that your comments be marginally erudite. Saying things such as "OMG U SUK U R LAMRZ" will get you immediately banned... Unless we can tell you're being sarcastic. Other than that, anything goes. And this does include the moderators. If we say something you don't like, shit, come at us. We can take it. Just use your brain, and don't be surprised if WE tear YOU a new one. Insulting people is our field of expertise, after all.

Once you're approved, you're more than welcome to continue posting your pics to be rated by the members. Just make sure you state somewhere in the post that you've been approved, so we don't accidentally re-judge and possibly ban you.

To reiterate and refresh, here's a list of things that will get you banned:

-being ugly or even slightly un-gorgeous.
-commenting on other people's pics before your own approval.
-making comments in which your inability to use the English language is painfully obvious.
-posting a link to an overloaded website or one that spews tons of popups
-using fake pics (trust us, in our time we've seen a LOT of pics, and if you decide to steal some super-hot ones, chances are we've seen them already.)
-posting your pics more than once. everyone gets one chance, it's only fair. if your pic links are faulty, or people say they can't make out your face in your pics, you may add additional pics in a comment to your original post. other than that, re-posting = auto-ban.
-posting lewd, untasteful nudes. tuck it in, you filthy smuts.
-flaming the moderators on their own personal journals. if you have something to say, keep it on HERE.

And please, if you get banned, don't be offended. Some people are hot, some are not. It takes all kinds to make a world, and it certainly doesn't make you any less of a cool person, nor does being banned mean you're hideous, only that we're Hotter Than You.

Hotter Than You is brought to you by your moderators: